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Astec Alarms Dublin

Astec Security Alarms where designed back in the nineties, the installation of these systems became very popular with installers. Many electricians took up astec alarm installation when introduced to these systems by the manufactures. Astec broke the mould when this  system was produced, but it was rushed into the market too quickly.

Proper training was not given on the make up of these particular systems, which where totally driven on resistance readings. They left no room for error, like the type and grade of cable an installer may install in a given premises. The amount of devices that may  have been assigned to a zone, too many brought down the resistance on that particular zone giving rise to false alarms. Long cable runs meant voltage drops and data loss, for those zones or devices.

Many installed astec security alarms we have come across in the last few years revealed how poor workmanship, was carried out, installing these systems. Terminal connections over tightened which loosened solder joints at the back of the circuit boards. Terminal connections just twisted together and a bit of insulation tape put around the joint. Back up  batteries installed incorrectly. Battery cables pierced and shorted out with solder spikes from the back of the circuit board.

All these practices caused many error messages and anomalies with astec security systems. The problem was the installers had a good, idea how to install astec alarms. Fault finding became a different situation altogether. Because they didn’t realise what  they had done wrong, fault finding became like, chasing ghosts. When this happens some one has to get the blame and of course, the Astec Security Alarm product became number one on the list.

Sling enough mud and it will stick eventually, this is what happened. A lot of ignorant  people began to condemn the Astec System and still do today. If you have an Astec system that’s given trouble, you will probably be advised to change it! This is nonsense, so beware  of quick buck merchants. Over ninety percent of Astec Systems we have taken over, where fixed to perform like a new system. Many security companies do not want to know about Astec systems, but we know them inside out.

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