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10 reasons for false burglar alarms

There are a number of reasons for false burglar alarms. These are some of the typical reasons they can occur. 


  1. Faulty Burglar Alarn Sensor
  2. Faulty Burglar Alarm Contact.
  3. Damaged Burglar Alarm Cable.
  4. Faulty PIR Beam or Motion Detector.
  5. Faulty Burglar Alarm Bell Box.
  6. Damaged Burglar Alarm Panel.
  7. Faulty Zone in alarm panel.
  8. User Error.
  9. Poor Installation
  10. Low Battery or Low Sensor Battery.

All of these faults can be easily repaired in a simple callout  – ESP can carry out repairs on all types of burglar alarm systems including Aritec repairs, HKC repairs, Astec repairs, Horizon repairs,  Phonewatch repairs, Europlex repairs – ESP Security have been carrying out these types of repairs on burglar alarm systems for over 25 Years.

To keep your home secure and minimise false alarms & get your burglar alarm system repaired  – call ESP Security on 018391188 and our engineer will assist you.

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